Red Room - Official Trailer

Red Room - Official Trailer

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An extreme horror film that brings the terror of what lies in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet into the light…with blood-soaked results.

Kyra, a young woman kidnapped off the street after a night out, wakes up in an isolated house with two other captives. They are informed by their sadistic captors that they must wait their turn to enter the Red Room before they will be released. Once they discover they will never leave alive, they plot to escape before it's too late...

Available on DVD/VOD: March 19, 2019

Cast: Brian Fortune, Cristina Ryan, Eddie Jackson, Rodrigo Ternevoy, Fionna Hewitt-Twamley, Martin O'Sullivan, Aisling O'Neill, Michelle Audrey, John Dalessandro, Eoin Quinn, Saoirse Doyle, Sohaila Lindheim, Roisin Whelan

Directed by: Stephen Gaffney

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