Carga - Official Trailer

Carga - Official Trailer

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A harrowing tale of human trafficking from writer/director Bruno Gascon. Michalina Olszanska, Vítor Norte, and Rita Blanco star in CARGA.

A truck driver tormented by the load he carries. A road that should lead to a better life. Human beings treated as goods for selling... In a capitalist society where each person focuses on their own needs, it is easy to forget about those around us and only do what is best for each of us. This is the story of Viktoriya, a young woman who throws everything away in search of a better life. From the moment the doors of the truck where she travels open up, Viktoriya is confronted with the cruel reality of human trafficking. Can she escape her fate?

Available on DVD/VOD: March 12, 2019

Cast: Michalina Olszanska, Vítor Norte, Rita Blanco, Sara Sampaio, Miguel Borges, Dmitry Bogomolov, Ana Cristina de Oliveira, Duarte Grilo

Directed by: Bruno Gascon
Written by: Bruno Gascon



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