Daughter of Dismay - A 70mm IMAX Short (2019)

Daughter of Dismay - A 70mm IMAX Short (2019)

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What is the witch doing in the woods?

The plot of 'Daughter of Dismay' tells the surreal and mystical tale of just that, of a witch, an emotionally broken woman who enters the deep of the woods to fulfill her biggest desire, her most heartfelt wish, for which she takes extreme and radical measures, measures that will have sinister consequences, leading to a heartbreaking and deeply melancholic finale. Portrayed in elegant, painting-like images, the film is an epic, moving and emotional trip through a world of witchcraft and occultism, focusing on a different kind of witch than usually portrayed in media, one that doesn't focus on cliched depictions of devil worship, but on a much deeper and more human side, one that many will find very much relatable.

Daughter of Dismay is an elaborate effort at keeping the medium that is film alive, as the first narrative 70mm IMAX short, and will be presented theatrically in 70mm IMAX, regular 70mm, and 35mm.

Written and directed by Austrian director James Quinn (Flesh of the Void) and produced by visual effects master Justin Schenck (Swordfish, The Exorcist FOX), the film involves brilliant talent from across the globe, including director of photography Ben Brahem Ziryab (Room for Rent, The Negative/shot in Vista Vision and warded by Kodak), composer Joseph Bishara (The Conjuring, Insidious), sound engineer Steve Maslow (The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark), foley artist Martin Langenbach (The Perfume, The Autopsy of Jane Doe), and print supervisor Andrew Oran (The Hateful Eight, Dunkirk).

Coming to IMAX theaters and film festivals soon.

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Official website: https://www.sodomchimera.com/daughter-of-dismay-2018

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaughterOfDismay/



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