Motel Mist - Official Trailer

Motel Mist - Official Trailer

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The controversial thriller with a "sleazy charm" from writer/director Prabda Yoon. Audiences are invited to check-in at MOSTEL MIST, where sex, death, and aliens all hold sway over the lives of four actors unknowingly on the road to destruction.

In an unusual motel on the outskirts of Bangkok, four lives intertwine and change forever. A father with kinky and somewhat dangerous sexual fetishes brings his latest partner, a school girl, to his custom-made erotic chamber in Room 7. A former child actor in the midst of wild media speculations checks into Room 5, hiding from the aliens he believes are out to get him. Throw into the mix a motel staffer determined to start a new, and a beautiful vixen determined to save her friend from a deadly sexual fantasy life by any means necessary. Motel Mist, and the mysterious powers behind the hotel, have opened for business.

Available on DVD/VOD: March April 9, 2019

Cast: Prapamonton Eiamchan, Vasuphon Kriangprapakit, Wissanu Likitsathaporn, Surapol Poonpiriya, Katareeya Theapchatri

Directed by: Prabda Yoon
Written by: Prabda Yoon

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