FULL OF HELL - Burning Myrrh (Official Music Video)

FULL OF HELL - Burning Myrrh (Official Music Video)

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Weeping Choir is due out May 17 on CD/LP/CS/Digital.
Pre-Order via Relapse.com Here: http://bit.ly/weepingchoir
Digital Downloads/Streaming: http://ffm.to/weepingchoir

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Directed and Edited by Cody Stauder
Written and Designed by Dylan Walker and Ian Killian
Shot December 2018 in Pennsylvania

Guest Vocals by Alex Hughes (Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge, Holy Money)

Official Links:
FULL OF HELL on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fullofhell
FULL OF HELL on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fullofhell
FULL OF HELL on Bandcamp: https://fullofhell.bandcamp.com



Six trees sit beneath six arches.
In a glass wrought armory, obsidian.
Scavenging for firelight, hobbling.
In the ruins of a pillory, crumbling.
Heart moved like dead leaves,
Run raw with intolerance.
Sand bubbling to glass,
Time spent in aberrance.
Cavern is empty
Doorway is shut
Land is in love
Mingled with grief
A billowing cataract on a long polished gem.
Joints scream, stone boils from within.
A Silmaril clutched underneath permafrost.
Machines whirr, lonely dig belies the cost.
A sigh of vapor rises amongst floral haze.
Haunted arches resting soft betwixt their gaze.
Cavern is empty, cold without meaning
Doorway is shut, forever sealed
Land is in love, heart moved like dead leaves
Mingled with grief, union of aching
Weeping ghost.
Living warmth.
Glowing blind.
Pit of despair.. #metal


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