Carousel Kings - Lock Meowt

Carousel Kings - Lock Meowt

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Carousel Kings “Lock Meowt“ is from the album, Plus Ultra available May 31st.

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Remember when I used to know you?
I was too busy being into myself
Took a long time for me to see truth
That I became somebody else
Now it hurts and your absence makes it worse
Still trying to forget you
It’s the worst how your actions are perverse
They’re always blurring out the truth

Guess this is the way that you always want it
Keeping my ghost trapped inside your closet
You lock me out
You Lock me out
When the rain is pouring down you always try and lock me out

Remember when you used to know me?
You were too busy putting me on the shelf
Took a long time for you to change views
To see me as somebody else

And it how your actions are perverse
Still trying to forget you
I’ve learned I’ve got to find a new home turf-
The only way I’ll accept you

I’m searching for permanence
Displace and erase all that I have left

Directed by Brian Raida
Produced by Andrew Melzer
© Victory Records 2019



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