The Golem Project - Golem Unlimited - Demo

The Golem Project - Golem Unlimited - Demo

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2 years
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Unlimited is the new product we are building at Golem. Quoting the roadmap blogpost: “Unlimited is aimed to supplement Golem’s functionality with the wide range of features that trusted environments offer. The product introduces the possibility of joining nodes into trusted groups and run any calculations within these groups, according to each group policy.”

Golem Unlimited is meant for data center-like setups and companies with idle computing power. It features a hub acting as a requestor and computers in the hub’s trusted network being providers. In the demo we are showing how to set up the hub with plug-ins, create the trusted network and start using Golem Unlimited using the mining plug-in as an example of what can be done in this new product. However, Golem Unlimited will be an open platform with SDK for developers to implement distributed applications of their choice.

As with any Proof of Concept (PoC), please bear in mind this product is not production ready. There are many steps that we need to complete in order to release it. However, this PoC is useful to give you an idea of what Golem Unlimited can do with those idle resources of yours.
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