KISS On The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder {Uncut/HQ}

KISS On The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder {Uncut/HQ}

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KISS appeared on "The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder on October 31st, 1979. Called "The Halloween Special". It would be the most loved and also the last interview of all 4 original members of KISS on TV. The chemistry between the members of KISS is "strained" to say the least. This video print came from the original broadcast tape. With blank spots for network commercials Some local stations edited the interview to get more commercials played to make more money. Not with this great quality print! This is complete and uncut! It is by far, the best version available to view on You Tube! I added the scene from "KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park" which was cut from the European version "Attack Of The Phantoms". The clip came from my laser disc which is wht the quality is superb. I may upload the entire film if this clip gets good comments and many "likes".
I have much more great quality rare KISS footage I may upload. I am testing the waters with this upload!

I am not attempting to misuse any copyright. This video and it's audio have been uploaded for entertainment purposes only! Both are absolutely in accordance with "fair use" standards (Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright act). #metal


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