Stuff Gojira Does

Stuff Gojira Does

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Hey kids! Its your good buddy, Uncle Ben, here to tell you about some Stuff Gojira Does.

Stuff Mastodon Does was such a hit, it seemed like a good idea to devote an episode to the greatest thing to come out of France since champagne, the mighty GOJIRA! #metal

I've been hooked on them ever since i heard the From Mars to Sirius album (Ocean Planet, specifically). Their guitar style is extremely distinct, with tons of inverted power chords, gallops, pinch harmonics, pick scrapes, and all kinds of goodies. We will discuss the secrets, techniques, and tricks of their signature sound in this video.

What band does stuff that you want to know about?

Gear used:
Gibson Les Paul with MojoTone wiring
Suhr SSH/SSV pickups
Kemper Profiler (Sinmix profiles)
Suhr J Classic bass
Neural DSP Darkglass B7K plugin
Superior Drummer 3

featuring major riffs from
From Mars to Sirius
The Link
L'Enfant Sauvage
The Way of All Flesh
Terra Incognita


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