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Stuff Mastodon Does

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Hey kids! Its time for a BRAND NEW series with Uncle Ben, Stuff Bands Do! On this debut episode, we're going to be talking about stuff Mastodon does. I've been enchanted by the works of Brent, Bill, Troy, and Brann for many years now, going back to the first time i saw the music video for March of the Fire Ants off their Remission album. Since then, i've learned and transcribed as many of their songs as humanly possible.

In this video, you're going to learn about their tunings, tricks, and tendencies of what makes their music tick. We will be talking riffs from all their records, including Crack the Skye, Blood Mountain, and Leviathan. Their use of hybrid picking, harmony, open strings, double picking, and more will get you sounding like the next Francis Bubbletrousers in no time flat.

Grab an ax and get into it.

What band's stuff do you want to know about?

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